Keyport Fishery a Coastal Gem for Fresh, Sustainable Seafood

Located in the picturesque coastal town of Keyport, Keyport Fishery is a testament to the region’s rich maritime heritage and culinary excellence. For more than five decades, Keyport Fishery has been satisfying seafood lovers with its fresh, sustainable seafood offerings. With a commitment to quality and responsible fishing practices, Keyport Fishery has become an integral part of the Keyport community and a go-to destination for seafood enthusiasts.

A legacy of innovation and excellence fishary

The story of the Key Port Fishery began with the vision of a passionate fisherman, John Anderson, who set up a humble roadside stand. Today, Keyport Fishery is a bustling seafood market known for its diverse selection of fresh fish, succulent shellfish, delicious shrimp, and specialty seafood items. At Key Port Fishery, every piece of seafood is meticulously inspected to ensure it meets the highest standards of freshness and quality.

Keyport Fishery a Coastal Gem for Fresh, Sustainable Seafood

Keyport fishery located in coastal tranquility

Located in the heart of Key Port’s coastal charm, Key Port Fishery offers more than just seafood shopping. The market’s strategic waterfront location provides customers with tranquil coastal views, adding to the overall experience. With its nautical-themed decor and spacious layout, Keyport Fishery creates an inviting atmosphere that complements the coastal setting, making it a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike.

Sustainability at the heart of KeyPort Fisheries

Key Port Fisheries is committed to preserving the oceans for future generations. By prioritizing responsible fishing practices and partnering with local fishermen and suppliers who share the same values, Keyport Fishery adheres to catch limits, avoiding overfished species. , and uses selective fishing methods to reduce bycatch. Dedication to fishing sustainability has earned it recognition and certification, bolstering its efforts to maintain the delicate balance of marine ecosystems.

Keyport Fishery a Coastal Gem for Fresh, Sustainable Seafood

Community involvement and support fishery

The port fishery goes beyond being a seafood market by actively participating in the port community. Through sponsorship of community events, contributions to local charities, and engagement with schools and educational programs, Keyport Fishery demonstrates its commitment to positively impacting the lives of its customers and neighbors. By sourcing seafood from local fishermen and suppliers, Key Port Fisheries contributes to the sustainability of the fishing economy and supports traditional fishing practices.

Unforgettable customer experience at KeyPort Fishery

Key Port Fishery puts customer satisfaction at the forefront. Knowledgeable and friendly staff members provide personalized service, offer assistance, and share cooking tips to enhance the customer experience. Customers appreciate the attention to detail, dedication to quality, and warm atmosphere that permeates the market. From seasoned seafood connoisseurs to first-time buyers, everyone is welcome and valued at Key Port Fishery.

KeyPort Fishery Awards and Future Endeavours

Keyport Fishery’s unwavering pursuit of excellence has earned it numerous awards and recognitions, cementing its position as a leader in the seafood industry. These accolades demonstrate a commitment to fishery quality, sustainability and consumer satisfaction. Looking ahead, Keyport Fishery aims to expand its offerings and potentially open new locations while maintaining its dedication to quality, sustainability, and community involvement

Keyport Fishery a Coastal Gem for Fresh, Sustainable Seafood


Key Port Fishery is more than just a seafood market. It is a coastal gem that embodies the essence of Keyport’s maritime heritage. With its fresh, sustainable seafood, commitment to excellence, and active community involvement, Keyport Fishery delights seafood enthusiasts and contributes to ocean conservation. A visit to Keyport Fishery not only offers an enjoyable seafood shopping experience, but also supports a business that truly cares about the Keyport community and environment.

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