Loreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Balm

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Indulge your skin with Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition All & Balm. Enriched with Manuka Margarita extract, this silky balm provides firm, all-weather hydration for the neck, chest and strength. Soothe and protect against dryness while revealing a soft, even complexion with a youthful glow.

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Loreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Balm $ 15 Original price was: $ 15.$ 8Current price is: $ 8.

Experience hydration at Perfect Nutrition All and Balm, specially designed for mature, very sensitive skin. This silk balm nourishes and protects the skin’s elasticity and strength, increasing the skin’s ability to retain moisture and eliminate dryness.

Key Benefits Loreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition:

Intensive Moisture: Infuses your skin with deep, soothing hydration, leaving it noticeably softer, smoother, and more supple.

Enhanced Skin Strength: Strengthens your skin’s ability to retain nourishing moisture, effectively relieving dryness and discomfort.

Youthful Appearance: Beyond nourishment, this balm enhances your skin’s natural radiance, making it look more youthful and healthy.

Immediate and Lasting Comfort: Provides instant relief, making your skin feel soothed, comfortable, and less tight by the end of the day. With continued use, dry fine lines appear visibly reduced after one month.


Manuka Honey Extract: Enriched with the powerful benefits of Manuka Honey Extract, known for its exceptional nourishing properties.

Paraben and Mineral Oil-Free: This formula is free from parabens and mineral oils, ensuring a non-sticky, comfortable finish safe for daily use.

Dermatologist Tested: Rigorously tested by dermatologists, making it suitable and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Usage Instructions:

Use Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition All-Over Balm twice daily on clean skin for optimal results. This versatile balm can be applied over your regular daily moisturizer and is perfect for use on the face, neck, chest, and hands. Incorporate this all-over balm into your skincare routine to experience the ultimate in hydration and care.

Pamper your skin with the rich, nourishing formula of loreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition All-Over Balm, and reveal a softer, smoother, more youthful complexion. Ideal for dry skin, mature skin, and sensitive skin types. Suitable for daily skincare routines, providing deep hydration and anti-aging benefits.

Why Choose Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition All-Over Balm?

Anti-Aging Skincare: Helps reduce the appearance of dry, fine lines and promotes a youthful glow.

Soothing Relief: Immediate relief for dry, tight skin with lasting comfort.

Safe for Sensitive Skin: Dermatologist tested and suitable for sensitive skin types.

Multi-Use Balm: Perfect for the face, neck, chest, and hands, providing versatile skincare benefits.

Incorporate Loreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition All-Over Balm into your daily skincare routine and experience the difference. Suitable for use as a daily moisturizer or intensive treatment for very dry skin. Discover the benefits of Manuka Honey Extract and achieve a more radiant, youthful complexion today.


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